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Personalized Web Portal

Provide real-time information about your testing schedule and testing program to your clients with your own mobile-friendly web site. Unlimited Internal Accounts! Real-time reporting at your finger tips!

Automated Testing Hotline

You’ll have your very own customizable automated testing hotline your clients can use to get up-to-the-minute testing schedule information. Even better, you’ll have easy access to the records so you can see who has called your system and when. Transfer your existing phone number, or pick a new local number and be set up in minutes.

Direct Client Communication

Every client will receive automated phone calls or text messages on days they are expected to submit to testing. Since each message is tracked by us and acknowledged by the client, you can both help them succeed and make sure there aren’t any excuses. You can even use the platform to send them automated announcements — notify them of cancellations due to weather, or just to reach out to remind them their testing matters to their recovery.

Create Your Testing Schedule in Minutes!

Our state of the art Calendar Generation tools allow you to build the random testing calendar you need at month at a time. You’ll have complete control over frequency, who is testing when, and know what’s happening in advance so you can make sure you are properly staffed to handle it.

Remember, when you have a poorly constructed testing schedule it allows clients to schedule their usage around it. That’s why our tools are fully compliant with the National Association for Drug Court Professionals best practices, so you can be certain they are effective and unpredictable.


Fast and Helpful Support

Our support is second to none. Our typical response time is under one hour, often with a solution right away. Our knowledge base is packed full of articles explaining in step-by-step detail exactly what you need to know to accomplish any task you can imagine as well.

As our customer, TestNotice values your time. We know how frustrating it can be to be held up by your partners, and strive every day to make sure every one of our customer's needs is 100% supported every step of the way.

Our biggest fans are our customers

I just wanted to extend my appreciation for turning my department onto TestNotice. We've now been using this for a few months and really have discovered the benefits both for my officers, but also for helping to discourage drug usage with our defendants.
- Don, Chief Probation Officer
TestNotice provides an unbelievable product and service. They have tools everyone needs in their tool belt.
- Timothy, Drug Court Coordinator

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Plus $5 setup fee.

We can collect payment

Don't have the budget for your clients? Don't worry -- we can collect payment directly from them instead making the system zero-cost to your agency!

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